Infected Wound Silicone Prosthetic + Synthetic Pus

Forensic FX


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About the product

  • Realistic, pre-painted, fake bloody wound.
  • Encapsulated silicone prosthetic.
  • Infected Wound Silicone Prosthetic (approximate dimensions: 6.25in x 3.5in) + 8ml Synthetic Pus.
  • For various occasions: for Halloween parties, cosplay or theatrical special effects.
  • All prosthetic pieces are made with Platsil Gel 10 Silcione, silicone pigments, Baldiez (Cap Plastic), and flocking powders.


  • Single use Infected Wound Silicone Prosthetic + 8ml Synthetic Pus
  • Kit: Single use Infected Wound Silicone Prosthetic + 8ml Synthetic Pus + 1oz Pros-Aide + cotton swabs


Materials needed:

  • Adhesive: Pros-Aide
  • Dissolving Agents: 100% pure acetone (preferred), or 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Tools: Cotton swabs, small tip paint brush, and small measuring cup

Please select the kit option if you would like to purchase the prosthetic + Pros-Aide and cotton swabs.


  1. Pour ~10ml (~0.3oz) of pure acetone (preferred) or isopropyl alcohol into a small measuring cup.
  2. Get silicone prosthetic ready for skin placement.
  3. Get cotton swab (x1) ready as well as Pros-Aide.
  4. Dip cotton bud into Pros-Aide and spread adhesive over skin area where you will place prosthetic.
  5. Make sure the whole area is covered, and use some adhesive also on the prosthetic itself.
  6. Make sure the adhesive is tacky, or with some adhesives, make sure it has gone from white to clear.
  7. Glue the silicone prosthetic piece onto the skin, making sure all areas of the piece are glued down.
  8. Wait 5 minutes for glue and silicone piece to dry.
  9. The encapsulated area (check photo), needs to be dissolved with pure acetone or isopropyl alcohol.
  10. Use paint brush or another cotton swab and dip it into acetone or isopropyl alcohol and slowly dissolve the edges.
  11. Repeat this step the whole way through the silicone prosthetic edge until the ‘flashing edge’ (check photo) is peeled off.
  12. Use acetone to clean up the edges until your edges are smooth.
  13. Apply setting powder over the prosthetic and surrounding skin to set the prosthetic, reduce shine, and absorb excess moisture.
  14. Add blood, pus or additional colors as needed.