Medical Grade Adhesive Glue & Makeup Remover Kit

Narrative Cosmetics


About the product

  • This Narrative Cosmetics skin safe, water based adhesive is extremely effective in bonding special effects prosthetic appliances, medical devices, and hair goods to the skin.
  • It is safe to use on all skin including sensitive areas and adheres for long periods without irritation. The adhesive provides a strong bond, has high water resistance, is non-toxic, and dries clear.
  • The Narrative Cosmetics adhesive and makeup remover provides rapid removal of prosthetics and adhesives without damage to appliances and latex forms.
  • The adhesive remover is safe for use on skin.
  • Proudly made in the USA in an FDA licensed, cruelty-free and vegan approved facility.

Adhesive & Adhesive Remover Kit

Narrative Cosmetics is with you every step of the way on your makeup transformation. This convenient set brings together our medical-grade adhesive bonding glue and extra-strength makeup remover, helping you with your SFX makeup and prosthetics from start to finish.

Adhesive is ideal for bonding everything from prosthetics and fake hair to rhinestones and other body jewelry to the skin. Suitable for all skin including sensitive areas, our water-based acrylic adhesive provides a strong bond for long periods without irritation. It has high water resistance, is non-toxic, and dries clear for a professional finish.

Adhesive Remover will quickly and gently remove any adhesives and makeup without damage to the appliances or your skin.

Includes one 2 fl. oz. bottle of each. 

How To Use


Shake well and brush Adhesive onto clean, dry surfaces. Once Adhesive turns clear and tacky, press surfaces firmly together for 10 seconds to adhere. For a stronger bond, apply multiple layers.


Use Adhesive for a variety of applications including SFX makeup, prosthetics, body jewelry, medical devices, fake hair, and wigs for cosplay, Halloween, theatre, film, and other performance arts.


Pour or spray a small amount of Adhesive Remover on a cloth or towel and rub the area clean. If you're removing appliances or prosthetics, apply the remover onto a brush, cotton swab, or directly onto the skin, prosthetic, or appliance you need to remove.


Apply the remover at the top of the prosthetic or appliance to lift the edge. Continue to apply the remover and work your way down, gently lifting the prosthetic or appliance until it is removed.