Why Narrative?

At Narrative Cosmetics, we believe in the power of transformation through makeup.

Born from the passion to make high-quality, versatile makeup accessible to all, our journey began in the specialized world of SFX makeup.

Here, creativity knows no bounds—from evoking raw emotions to bringing fantastical characters to life, our products are designed to unlock the art of storytelling through makeup.

Recognizing the need for products that are not only effective but also conscientiously crafted, we've applied the principles of beauty and skincare—such as clean ingredients and premium packaging—to the realm of special effects makeup.

Our commitment to quality ensures that every product meets the highest standards of integrity and performance, allowing you to focus on your creative expression without compromise.


But why stop there? Narrative Cosmetics is constantly evolving.

We’ve expanded our horizons from our roots in SFX to embrace other areas of makeup artistry including body painting, beauty makeup, and skincare products.

Each new line is an invitation to explore new narratives and redefine what makeup can be.

We are more than just a cosmetics brand; we are a gateway to your imagination.

With Narrative Cosmetics, define your narrative, express your creativity, and step into the transformative power of makeup.

Join us, and shape your story with every brush stroke.


Narrative Cosmetics