Encapsulator Beads for Prosthetics and Bald Cap Creation - For Dilution in Acetone

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  • ENCAPSULATOR BEADS: The Narrative Cosmetics encapsulator beads are small, solid beads that that can be dissolved in acetone to create a cap plastic. This liquid can be used to create professional bald caps or to encapsulate prosthetics. The encapsulator beads are non-hazardous in their dry form.
  • FLEXIBLE PLASTIC BARRIER: The Plastic provides a flexible barrier, resulting in pieces that can move naturally with the skin. This flexibility ensures the prosthetics or bald caps don't restrict the actor's movements and look natural on camera.
  • USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Measure out 1 part of beads. Step 2: Pour 4 parts of Acetone into the 1 part beads. Measurement example: 50g Beads + 200g Acetone = 250g Plastic (just fill this bottle to the top with acetone). Step 3: Secure the bottle cap tightly and let the mixture sit for 4-6 days. Periodically turn the bottle over during this time until fully dissolved.
  • ENCAPSULATOR BENEFITS: 1) Flexible, allows prosthetics and bald caps to move naturally. 2) Fast-drying for speed of use. 3) Bonds to itself for multiple layers. 4) Translucent, matte finish. 5) Edges melt with acetone.
  • SIZE: Available in 1.2.oz.(35gm) or 2.5.oz.(70gm)