Flesh Tone Alcohol Airbrush Paints - 2 fl oz

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Narrative Cosmetics

Light Flesh Fair Tone Beige Tone Warm Tone Hazelnut Chocolate Vein Tone Olive Soft Yellow Peach Deep Blush Capillary

About the product

  • Perfect for Skin Tones and Tattoo Cover-Up: Waterproof, sweatproof, and transfer-proof, ideal for creating natural skin tones and concealing tattoos.
  • Highly Pigmented for Realistic Coverage: 12 shades designed for seamless skin tone matching and effective tattoo camouflage. Skin Tone Shades Include: Light Flesh, Fair Tone, Beige Tone, Warm Tone, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Vein Tone, Olive, Soft Yellow, Peach, Deep Blush, Capillary.
  • Versatile Professional Use: Specially formulated for use in film, TV, and by makeup artists requiring durable skin simulations and tattoo concealment.
  • Long-Lasting, Comfortable Wear: Quick-drying, durable, and comfortable for extended periods, perfect for all-day shoots or events.
  • Gentle and Safe for Skin: Easy and safe removal with Narrative Cosmetics remover, formulated to be gentle on the skin.