Metallic Alcohol Airbrush Paints - 2 fl oz

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Narrative Cosmetics

Metallic Black Metallic Silver Metallic Red Metallic Yellow Metallic Bright Blue Metallic Green Metallic Pink Metallic Purple Metallic Blue Metallic Light Green Metallic Gold Metallic Bronze

About the product

  • Shimmering Metallic Shades: Long-lasting, waterproof, and sweatproof for stunning effects.
  • Richly Pigmented Colors: 12 metallic shades for vibrant, eye-catching designs in bodypainting, film, TV, and cosplay. Colors include: Metallic Black, Silver, Red, Yellow, Bright Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Green, Gold, Bronze.
  • Versatile for Entertainment Use: Perfect for creating standout looks in various entertainment settings.
  • Immediate Dry, Durable Finish: Quick-drying for immediate effect, resistant to smudging and transfer.
  • Comfortable and Safe for Skin: Easy to apply and remove, ensuring skin safety and comfort.