Skin Safe Adhesive Glue & Makeup Remover

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Narrative Cosmetics


About the product

  • The Narrative Cosmetics adhesive and makeup remover provides rapid removal of special effects prosthetics and adhesives without damage to appliances and latex forms.
  • The adhesive remover is safe for use on skin.
  • Pour or spray a small amount of adhesive remover on a cloth or towel and rub area clean.
  • When removing appliances and prosthetics, use a cotton swab soaked with adhesive remover and work under the edge until removed.
  • Proudly made in the USA in an FDA licensed, cruelty-free and vegan approved facility.

Adhesive Remover

Narrative Cosmetics designed the perfect formula to quickly remove SFX prosthetics and adhesives without damage to appliances, latex forms, or your skin. Adhesive Remover is a professional-grade adhesive glue and makeup remover formulated to tackle even the strongest applications. With its extra strength formula, you can easily remove prosthetics, fake hair, face and body jewelry, lace wigs, and makeup.

Adhesive Remover is proudly made in the USA in an FDA-licensed, cruelty-free, and vegan-approved facility.

How To Use


Pour or spray a small amount of Adhesive Remover onto a cloth or towel and rub the area clean.


If you're removing appliances or prosthetics, apply the remover onto a brush, cotton swab, or directly onto the skin, prosthetic, or appliance you need to remove.


Apply the remover at the top of the prosthetic or appliance to lift the edge. Continue to apply the remover and work your way down, gently lifting the prosthetic or appliance.


Apply another layer of the remover to the skin or surface as needed until the adhesive is fully removed.