Stitches Silicone Prosthetic - SQFX Edition

Narrative Cosmetics

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About the product

  • REALISTIC DESIGN: The Stitches Silicone Prosthetic SQFX Edition features a highly detailed and lifelike design, offering a convincing and professional-grade special effects look.
    • Including flashing: 4.5in x 2in (11.43cm x 5.08cm)
    • Prosthetic only (without flashing): 3.5in x 1in (8.89cm x 2.54cm)
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Made from high-quality silicone, this prosthetic is both durable and flexible, allowing for comfortable wear and easy application. It can withstand rigorous use and can be reused multiple times with proper care.
  • EASY APPLICATION: It's easy for both professionals and beginners to apply. The included adhesive ensures a secure fit and long-lasting wear.
  • VERSATILE USAGE: The Stitches Silicone Prosthetic SQFX Edition is perfect for various costume ideas, such as zombies, Frankenstein's monster, or any character requiring stitched wounds. It adds an authentic and chilling touch to your makeup or cosplay.
  • SAFE FOR SKIN: Narrative Cosmetics prioritizes safety, and the prosthetic is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. It is designed to be gentle on the skin, minimizing the risk of irritation or allergic reactions, even for individuals with sensitive skin.